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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Origin is Revealed

If you don't know what the Origin is, its a website created to stir up hype about the new xbox 360.
"origin is? The debut of next generation gaming. A real place dedicated to
gaming pleasures. A place to play Xbox 360 before anyone else. A place to play
all the Xbox 360 launch titles. A place to take on other gamers."

Recently its only features were a tree and some bunny rabbits with a timer counting down to zero. Well it struck zero and everything changed, sort of.
Now instead of bunnies that are motionless you get bunnies that have meaningless conversations.
Go on wild psychedelic trips
And watch videos of people prancing around on some islands.
But the cool new feature on the website is the chance to be a part of origin. Where you are given a test of wits and asked to finish the sentence,"Xbox 360 is the best thing to happen since..."
“Two prizes will be awarded across entrants from all of the participating
countries. The two prizes consist of a one person trip to an event
celebrating the launch of Xbox 360 in the United States for three nights
in November 2005 (valued at approximately £3,000/€4,500). Exact dates to be confirmed by 1 November 2005.”


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