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Monday, October 31, 2005

Wait, It's a What?: Audi Spy Shot an RS6?

Wait, It's a What?: Audi Spy Shot an RS6?: " So what exactly is this test Audi test mule? A5? Le Mans? New VW coupeish four-door? If you'd believe all the reports, it could be any of those upcoming models in the vaguely disturbing guise of an A6 whose wheels have slipped the bonds of its wells. But German Car Fans now say sources indicate its none of the three above -- it's the new RS6, which will someday have proper telltale fender flares. Those 'foaming' arches? Plaster band-aids. Seriously. New Audi RS 6 Spy Photos [German Car Fans] Related:Spy Photos: Audi A5 Test Mule [internal]"

JackPC, the in-wall thin-client

JackPC, the in-wall thin-client: " It’s probably not going to do you a whole load of good around the house, but a company by the name of Chip PC’s apparently working on a very small AMD Alchemy-based in-wall thin-client PC device that runs Windows CE called the JackPC. The specs aren’t too terribly important since all the real computing is done on the server end (ok, fine, it’s got a 333 or 500MHz CPU, 64 or 128MB of RAM, DVI out, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and power over Ethernet support), but we’re definitely curious to see if they’ll actually get these out the door for $300 a pop within three weeks like they’re claiming.[Via WindowsForDevices]

Recovery CD to working Windows install CD

Recovery CD to working Windows install CD: "Many pcs just come with a recovery cd and won’t let you – if needed – do a custom windows reinstall. This is a great guide that walks you through the process."

Saturday, October 29, 2005

How Los Angeles Keeps the Traffic Kind of Moving

How Los Angeles Keeps the Traffic Kind of Moving: " Architecture screed Bldg Blog profiles Los Angeles's traffic control system, which uses an intensely complex system of cameras, embedded roadway sensors and control rooms straight off the set of 'War Games.' One of the coolest features are the loop-like sensors -- literally, inductive loops -- that detect the presence of cars (or other large metallic objects) and relay the information to the processing center in real time. All the data is captured, measured, examined and saved for tracking purposes -- all in the name of keeping traffic moving even the slightest bit more smoothly.

How to Hack RSS and Atom Feeds

How to Hack RSS and Atom Feeds: "From the ExtremeTech book Hacking RSS and Atom, learn about the basics of RSS and Atom Feeds, how to build an aggregator, route feeds to your inbox, subsribe to multimedia content, and more."

Friday, October 28, 2005

Look Up Saturday! The Red Planet Is Near.

Look Up Saturday! The Red Planet Is Near.: "For the second time in nearly 60,000 years, the Red Planet will swing unusually close to Earth this weekend. More skygazers this time around can glimpse the fourth rock from the sun because it will glow above the horizon"

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Judges block government cellphone tracking

Judges block government cellphone tracking: "A New York judge has upheld an earlier decision declaring that the government can’t track people by cellphone without a warrant. The judge, James Orenstein, said that government agencies would need to show probable cause that a crime was being committed before getting approval to geotrack someone. The decision is consistent with an earlier one by Orenstein, and with one by a judge in Texas, who rejected a government request for a cellphone tracking order. Of course, the judicial decisions only affect law enforcement agencies. Your boss is still free to track you via that new Sprint phone he just gave you (and you’re free to track your kids as well). And don’t expect the Department of Justice to take this lying down. Both rulings are expected to be appealed. Read | Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments© 2005 Weblogs, Inc. SPONSORED BY: Fable: The Lost Chapters. Now On PC. Enter a world where every choice changes your fate. Enhanced graphics, new journeys, good or evil-how will you choose to play? "

Nintendo Revolution due for world launch in June '06?

Nintendo Revolution due for world launch in June '06?: " Well, since we just hit you with the totally and completely unconfirmed rumor of a Spring ‘06 launch for the PS3, we might as well go full out and throw in another completely unconfirmed date: Nintendo Revolution in June of 2006. SPOnG News is reporting this one, and they seem rather confident, claming multiple sources have confirmed the date. Supposedly, Nintendo is shooting for launching the console in Japan, the United States, and Europe all in June, with Europe possibly spilling over into July. SPOnG is also pretty confident on $200 for the US launch price, but, just like pretty much everything in this report, nothing is official.[Thanks, Alex] Read Permalink Email this Linking Blogs Comments© 2005 Weblogs, Inc. SPONSORED BY: Fable: The Lost Chapters. Now On PC.

PS3 Going to be under $400

Playstation 3 reportedly going to be under 4000 yen(400 dollars). The playstations two was the same price in Japan but came out in the US at $299. It seems very likely that the playstation 3 will take the same pricing scheme.


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Presidential Weedend Update

So Ive decided to start a new weekly update on the President and his planned activities:

This week President Bush signed a bill that supports our ongoing efforts to defend our homeland. This bill makes it harder for illegal immigrants to cross the border and returns them to where they came from. It adds more man power to the border and upgrades technology used. Since 2001 4.8 million illegal immigrants have been removed from the US. Including more than 300k with criminal records. The bill includes 7.5 billion that helps address the problem. 2.3 billion goes to the border patrol. Letting them hire more agents and get new technology to stop people illegaly entering the US. 3.7 billion goes to immigration and customs enforcement. Expanding holding facilities whose lack of space have caused a catch and release problem. One of the presidents new plans is called Interior Re-patriation. So instead of just dropping mexicans back off at the border, it takes them back to the center of mexico. Not allowing them to meet up with another coyote willing them to take accross the border.


This is a great invention that uses google maps as a chat client. Through the combination of API, and AJAX it allows you to chat with people all around the world and shows you exactly where they are located at. This would be a very cool chat client for the future.


Saturday, October 22, 2005

Dance Dance Revolution for Your Calculator

Ok we all know during math no one pays attention. We pretend to be working out problems on our calculator, but were really playing snake or drug wars. Well this is for those people. Someone has taken the time to write the DDR code into basic so you can have the joy of playing it during math. Heres the link for the download. Enjoy.

How Rich Are You?

I'm loaded.
It's official.
I'm the 769,831,825 richest person on earth!

How rich are you? >>

This cool website shows where you rank on the money making list. Also shows you how many people are poorer than you.

Fuel Injected Paintball Gun

CO2 is a thing of the past in paintball history. With Tipmans new C-3 P.E.P( propane enhanced performance) you can now get 50,000 on a 16-ounce tank. Propane has the same range as CO2 but with the same consistency as Nitrogen or compressed air. Now I got worried cause all I know propane to do is explode. Whos gonna be having fun paintballing when thier gun starts to ignite into a flaming ball of propane. It turns out propane is used in many tons of house hold items I never realized used propane.

Here's a rad video of two guys using the new gun. I enjoy the Radicool guitar.

"The new C3 is a Pump Action marker that will appeal to players wanting to focus on strategy and marksmanship as well as new players looking for a fun and easy way to play paintball. The C3 is an aluminum and composite construction and features a 13” mandrel wrapped composite barrel for added accuracy and reduced weight. MSRP $229."


Friday, October 21, 2005

Thinking of Buying the IPod Video?

Here's an extremely handy review that was done on the recently released video Ipod. This comes to us from Clint Ecker. He goes over many major aspects and specifications of the new ipod. Talking about the size of the new ipod and the larger lcd screen, and hits on the format of videos going onto the ipod. This review would be extremely helpful to anyone planning on purchasing the new ipod or to anyone interested in the technology of it.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Prince of Persia Original

This brings back some memories. Just something to waste some time on. I love these original games put on flash for everyone to enjoy.
Not exactly like the first one but pretty close.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Can't Afford One of the New Ipods?

well dont get your hopes down, Ive got you covered. Here a 360 degree look at the ipod. Its just like holding a real one in your hands. All you have to do is look at this ipod and run some music in the background. Pretty much the same thing.

Apple Releases HD Trailers

Apple's had the pleasure of releasing 24 High Definition trailers for upcoming movies. Some of the movies on the list include The Da Vinci Code, The New World, and my favorite a new trailer for Harry Potter and the goblet of fire.

A word to the wise if you dont know much about computer and your computer is not very fast dont watch the HD trailers just watch the regular ones.

Need Some Help on Your Calculus Homework?

Here's a nifty little page that can help you solve some of those tuff problems.

Microsoft Stealing Some Ideas From HP(Harry Potter

Microsoft is researching ways to create a clock that shows exactly where members of your family at at. They owe credit to Harry Potter for this invention. Where in the book one of Harry's friends family uses the clock to track thier family members. The clock would work tracking the GPS located in some phones.

A very clever and cute idea, but not very realistic to those who value thier privacy.

Monday, October 10, 2005

TV On Your Computer

Got a favorite tv show but dont have a tv? Tune into some tv shows via . Given there are not very many channels to choose from never the less a very cool idea.

If you're about to buy an ipod I'd wait

If you can hold off for just a few more days Apple is about to release a whole new generation of ipods. They are said to be revealing two new ipods in Wednesdays conference. One of the rumored ipods will be an 80 gb at $399 and a 40 for $299. Far fetched rumors claim that there will be a Madonna Nano and the, aurora Borealis, of ipods the ipod video.

Does your resume say Google?

Ever wonder how your resume compares to that of an owner of a multimillion dollar corporation. Sergey Bin's, developer of Google, resume is still posted on the Stanford website. Here you can compare and CONTRAST your resume to his.

Does this kid look like he knows what he's about to get into?

The Future of News

Matt Thompson and Robin Sloan have created a documentry on the history of information in this flash clip here showing what could be and what will become of the information and tech leaders of today. They show the developments of Ipods and the roll they will have in the days of tomorrow. It covers the rule and dominent reign Google will have over technology, news, and
information. It depicts the downfall and struggle of companies such
as Microsoft and New York Times.

Peter Jackson to Produce Halo Movie

For all of you not in the "know" Bungie is set to create the Halo movie. Producing this much anticipated movie will be the one and only Peter Jackson also director of the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Trilogy movies. This means that they will have access to the software and resources used in the making of LOTR. The software program used to create the ginormous battle scenes famous in the LOTR is convieniently named "MASSIVE".

Here is the clip of Peter Jackson announcing his involvment in the movie.