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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fuel Injected Paintball Gun

CO2 is a thing of the past in paintball history. With Tipmans new C-3 P.E.P( propane enhanced performance) you can now get 50,000 on a 16-ounce tank. Propane has the same range as CO2 but with the same consistency as Nitrogen or compressed air. Now I got worried cause all I know propane to do is explode. Whos gonna be having fun paintballing when thier gun starts to ignite into a flaming ball of propane. It turns out propane is used in many tons of house hold items I never realized used propane.

Here's a rad video of two guys using the new gun. I enjoy the Radicool guitar.

"The new C3 is a Pump Action marker that will appeal to players wanting to focus on strategy and marksmanship as well as new players looking for a fun and easy way to play paintball. The C3 is an aluminum and composite construction and features a 13” mandrel wrapped composite barrel for added accuracy and reduced weight. MSRP $229."



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