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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Judges block government cellphone tracking

Judges block government cellphone tracking: "A New York judge has upheld an earlier decision declaring that the government can’t track people by cellphone without a warrant. The judge, James Orenstein, said that government agencies would need to show probable cause that a crime was being committed before getting approval to geotrack someone. The decision is consistent with an earlier one by Orenstein, and with one by a judge in Texas, who rejected a government request for a cellphone tracking order. Of course, the judicial decisions only affect law enforcement agencies. Your boss is still free to track you via that new Sprint phone he just gave you (and you’re free to track your kids as well). And don’t expect the Department of Justice to take this lying down. Both rulings are expected to be appealed. Read | Permalink | Email this | Linking Blogs | Comments© 2005 Weblogs, Inc. SPONSORED BY: Fable: The Lost Chapters. Now On PC. Enter a world where every choice changes your fate. Enhanced graphics, new journeys, good or evil-how will you choose to play? "


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