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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Nintendo Revolution due for world launch in June '06?

Nintendo Revolution due for world launch in June '06?: " Well, since we just hit you with the totally and completely unconfirmed rumor of a Spring ‘06 launch for the PS3, we might as well go full out and throw in another completely unconfirmed date: Nintendo Revolution in June of 2006. SPOnG News is reporting this one, and they seem rather confident, claming multiple sources have confirmed the date. Supposedly, Nintendo is shooting for launching the console in Japan, the United States, and Europe all in June, with Europe possibly spilling over into July. SPOnG is also pretty confident on $200 for the US launch price, but, just like pretty much everything in this report, nothing is official.[Thanks, Alex] Read Permalink Email this Linking Blogs Comments© 2005 Weblogs, Inc. SPONSORED BY: Fable: The Lost Chapters. Now On PC.


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