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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Presidential Weedend Update

So Ive decided to start a new weekly update on the President and his planned activities:

This week President Bush signed a bill that supports our ongoing efforts to defend our homeland. This bill makes it harder for illegal immigrants to cross the border and returns them to where they came from. It adds more man power to the border and upgrades technology used. Since 2001 4.8 million illegal immigrants have been removed from the US. Including more than 300k with criminal records. The bill includes 7.5 billion that helps address the problem. 2.3 billion goes to the border patrol. Letting them hire more agents and get new technology to stop people illegaly entering the US. 3.7 billion goes to immigration and customs enforcement. Expanding holding facilities whose lack of space have caused a catch and release problem. One of the presidents new plans is called Interior Re-patriation. So instead of just dropping mexicans back off at the border, it takes them back to the center of mexico. Not allowing them to meet up with another coyote willing them to take accross the border.


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