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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Motorola SLVR L7 -- with iTunes

Motorola SLVR L7 -- with iTunes: " We have no idea when Motorola will be actually introducing this, but we managed to get our sweaty paws on a SLVR L7 with iTunes on it (and all we had to do was pretend we were dead). Nothing too unexpected — it has just about the same user interface as the ROKR E1 (though the menus are slightly less sluggish) and it has Bluetooth, a VGA digital camera, and a TransFlash memory card slot for storing up to 100 iTunes tracks, but there is one real surprise: the phone doesn’t have a headphone jack. Seems a bit odd for a phone with iTunes, but we’re hearing that Motorola will offer Bluetooth stereo headphones.

Bush Outlines $7.1 Billion in Flu Preparations

Bush Outlines $7.1 Billion in Flu Preparations: "President Bush yesterday asked Congress for $7.1 billion to help prepare the country for a global epidemic of influenza, telling a high-powered gathering of scientists and public officials at the National Institutes of Health that 'our country has been given fair warning of this danger to our..."

Change the way you watch TV BRAVIA™ XBR®

Striving forward in the digital and flat panel television age, Sony Corporation releases its next-generation LCD display devices, and with them comes the unveiling of a fresh global identity for the range.
It has been over 50 years since the television was invented and since then, the market has experienced great change moving from analog to digital, CRT to Flat Panel. This year for the first time, Japan will ship more LCD TVs than CRT TVs, and in the years to come this will become a phenomenon worldwide.
Sony has the heritage to be at the forefront of this changing market and drive the technology. For the past 36 years Sony® high-resolution technology has been incorporated into televisions, leading to the exponential growth of the Trinitron® business. Now a new LCD TV incorporating Sony technological expertise has been developed and will be sold all over the world.
With this dynamic market, Sony is committed not only to conveying the message to consumers, but also evolving the company's mindset. This has resulted in the launch of a new brand: "BRAVIA", which stands for "Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture".

Ford Releases Shot of New Lincoln Aviator

Ford Releases Shot of New Lincoln Aviator: " Tucked neatly into a new press shot of the Lincoln Zephyr is a rear-view of Lincoln's new Aviator crossover, a 2007 model that will likely premiere at the upcoming Detroit auto show. Set to compete with the Acura MDX and Lexus RX, it's based on Ford's Mazda-derived CD3 global midsize-car platform, which it will share with the upcoming Ford Edge and Mazda CX-7 crossovers. Man, we are so over these crossovers and the party hasn't even started yet. Come on, 2007, get it over with already. Related:Spy Photos: 2007 Lincoln Aviator [internal]"

Hyundai Introduces Rear-Drive Azera,

Hyundai Introduces Rear-Drive Azera,: " Replacing the XG350 -- a puppet-dictator's parade car if ever we've seen one -- Hyundai officially introduced its Azera (the Era from A to Z -- we kid you not). It's the latest issue of the company's We're Going Upmarket scheme, with a more powerful V6 and a sweep-the-leg attitude toward pricing that could put competitors like the Toyota Avalon in jeopardy. It rides on a stretched version of the Sonata platform, whose double-wishbone / multilink suspension setup recently garnered two stars in the ride category by the Farago Report. It goes on sale next month. Hyundai's new Azera apes Avalon looks, not price, as automaker turns to big sedan market

Spy Photos: Mercedes 2007 S63 AMG

Spy Photos: Mercedes 2007 S63 AMG: " Twin dual exhausts belie the handwritten (in dirt) badging on this 'S600 AMG,' which is likely the upcoming M156 E63 in the flesh. The $130,000 super sedan, which will be out in mid-2006, will get MB's new, high-revving 6.3-liter V8 producing 510hp unaided by either compressors or turbos. Spy Photos Of S-Class AMG [eMercedesBenz] Related:Spy Photos: New Mercedes AMG Models Get New 6.3-liter V8 [internal]"

Nintendo Revolution Launch Date Hinted

Nintendo Revolution Launch Date Hinted: " Last week we got a tidbit from the Nintendo Revolution crew announcing that the console will be launched simultaneously around the world (as opposed to the Xbox 360 which will launch Nov 22 in the US, Dec 2 in Europe and Dec 10 in Japan). Now, from an interview with Nintendo Europe Director of Marketing Jim Merrick, on Spanish website MeriStation (thanks Gamespot for the translation), we're also getting an idea of when the Revolution will actually ship. It was first pointed out that when they say 'simultaneously,' they really mean 'stretched out over a maximum of 14 weeks.' 'What we can guarantee is that the Revolution will be sent in the same four-month period anywhere in the world,' said Merrick. He did not discuss which region would be Revolutionized first, but history leans toward Japan, where Nintendo's popularity remains high and previous console launches began. So in terms of dates, it's already been said that the new console won't go on sale until the end of Nintendo's fiscal year in 2006 (ending March 31), so using logic, the US may (earliest) have it by tax day, but could possibly be waiting until early 2007. And don't expect any screen shots to be released early. Looks like we won't see hide nor hair of games until next year. Nintendo exec talks Revolution [Gamespot]"