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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hyundai Introduces Rear-Drive Azera,

Hyundai Introduces Rear-Drive Azera,: " Replacing the XG350 -- a puppet-dictator's parade car if ever we've seen one -- Hyundai officially introduced its Azera (the Era from A to Z -- we kid you not). It's the latest issue of the company's We're Going Upmarket scheme, with a more powerful V6 and a sweep-the-leg attitude toward pricing that could put competitors like the Toyota Avalon in jeopardy. It rides on a stretched version of the Sonata platform, whose double-wishbone / multilink suspension setup recently garnered two stars in the ride category by the Farago Report. It goes on sale next month. Hyundai's new Azera apes Avalon looks, not price, as automaker turns to big sedan market


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